The Do’s and Do Not’s of Las Vegas


We had finally made it 46 stories up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. We stepped out of the glass elevator to see thousands of colorful city lights glowing and flashing in the hot, windy desert night sky. Four-hundred-and-sixty-feet below us, the fast city seemed to move slowly. The bottoms of my cheap flat shoes had been worn down and cracked from the many miles of walking, but the spectacular view was a great distraction from the discomfort. My cellphone beeped from a text message to remind us about our club reservations. Then suddenly, thousands of gallons of water from the famous Bellagio Fountains came bursting out of the 375,000 square-foot lake across the street to the rhythm of Frank Sinatra’s, “Fly Me to the Moon.” It was perfect. I felt like I was on top of the world.


When I think back to this moment now, my heart still melts at the joy and accomplishment I felt at that moment. All of the planning and research that me and my friend did before-hand had a tremendous impact on our Las Vegas experience, and all of the people we talked with and learned from during our trip helped better prepare us for the next trip. If you know what to do, and what not to do, having a successful trip in Las Vegas can be extremely gratifying. But if you make one mistake, it can ruin your entire trip. If you want to make sure your vacation in Las Vegas is a stress-free and fun time, follow these simple Do’s and Do Not’s of Las Vegas, that I have put together for the Vegas newbie. Then keep reading to check out the “think twice” section at the bottom, which may help you if you reach a fork in the road during your “Vegas vacay” like we did.

DO wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The Las Vegas Strip is over four miles long from the Stratosphere at the north end to Mandalay Bay at the south end, and that doesn’t even include extra miles from walking through the massive hotels and the extra stops along the way. You can easily walk five miles a day in Vegas, and probably a lot more than that if you actually plan to visit different attractions.

DO NOT try to walk all night in your stiletto pumps, ladies. If you insist on wearing high-heels for the night out, catch a cab from hotel to hotel. Trust me; I have made the rookie mistake of wearing heels out, walking, and suffering the terrible blister consequences. The hotels and casinos are a lot bigger than you probably think, so keep that in mind. And don’t even think about trying to break-in new high-heels in Vegas; if you do, you’re just asking for it. After my experience, I recommend wearing cute, flat, nice sandals. These days, they make really nice sandals that are totally appropriate to wear and still look nice. Just don’t wear flip-flops, or else you won’t be getting into any clubs.

DO stay hydrated. You are in the desert. Temperatures rose up to 117 degrees while we were on our trip, and that wasn’t record breaking, (read more on this in the “think twice” section). Besides the sweating you will be doing with all of the walking, if you plan to drink alcohol (which hello, you’re in Vegas baby), your body will desperately need extra water to avoid the worst hang over in your life. This brings me to one of my most important points.

DO NOT over-drink. I cannot emphasize this enough. There are so many reasons why you should maintain your drunkenness to a minimal level while in Las Vegas. First, it can prevent you from making spontaneous and irrational decisions in a place where these types of decisions are encouraged. Sure, a $40 drive-in wedding may sound cheap, but the divorce is much more expensive. Second, being wasted will set you up to be taken advantage of (in more than one way), don’t forget you’re in Sin City. Lastly, (and most commonly) you will ruin your entire next day of fun-filled plans if you’re puking your guts out with the worst headache ever, and the walking and heat will show you no mercy.

DO tip. Many people who live and work in Las Vegas base their entire income off tips. You will find that tipping will get you far and not tipping will get you nowhere and absolutely nothing. The more you tip, the better service you’ll get. Tips seem to run Las Vegas, and expect the mentality of most people working in tourist hot-spots to be, “I don’t have time to pay attention to customers who aren’t going to tip me good, because somebody else will.” That’s just how it is, and I’ve witnesses this over and over again.

DO NOT pay full price for club cover fees. Figure out ahead of time which clubs you want to go to. Then, find out who the club promoter is and contact them. You help them by getting bodies into their clubs, and they will help you by reducing your cover and putting you on the VIP list so you can skip those horribly long general admission lines. It’s a win-win.

Think Twice –

– If you only have the weekend in Vegas, don’t waste your entire day at a time share, but if you’re going to be around for a while, you can get some cool rewards like Cirque Soleil tickets and a nice dinner by sacrificing your phone number privacy and about eight hours of your life.

– The desert heat in the summer is a nightmare, unless you want to experience the pool scene while you’re in Vegas, (which is an entire experience in itself) book your trip when it cools off.

Most importantly, have fun! Take a bunch of picture, and don’t be afraid to be a tourist in a tourist town. Keep your head up when things get rough, but always watch your back. If you’re smart and plan ahead you’re going to have the time of your life.


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  1. Fairmont street is a must for the vegas virgin. Nightime is thd best time and since that’s old Vegas there ars a lot of cheap dinner buffets.

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