An Intro to Geocaching, a Modern-Day Treasure Hunt


Fallen leaves crunched underneath the wandering steps of my muddy shoes as I looked down at my digital compass, watching the displayed number of measured distance decrease steadily. Following the teetering needle, I held onto the leash of my dog Continue Reading →

Enchanted Rock: A Texas Tradition


If you’re a fan of Red Dirt Texas Country music, you might have come across an amazing bucket list-of-a-song by Josh Abbott Band featuring Pat Green, titled, “My Texas.” If not, you can hear it here. At the beginning, Josh Continue Reading →

Day Trippin’ at McKinney Falls State Park (Part 1)

day trippin at mckinney falls_coyoteheartblog

A weary soul can be refreshed by the hands of nature. Something about sitting upon a cool stone next to the rolling purr of a spring-fed waterfall and inhaling its pure misty breath into your lungs while the warm sun Continue Reading →